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Belize: A Secret of Nature

Posted on November 25, 2011 at 1:40 AM

By Macon Gravlee


Belize is among the very few unblemished places in the world. It has drawn travelers from different parts of the globe. It is, of course, a wonderful place to visit with its waterfalls, rivers and lagoons caressing the entire country. Activities in Belize include horseback riding, bird watching, caving, canoeing and boating, fishing, diving, snorkeling, kayaking, rafting, tubing, windsurfing, hiking, biking, swimming, as well as outdoor BBQ in its crystal clear and unpolluted nature.


Apart from them, Belize is also famous for Scuba divers and water sports adventurers. The vivid and rare species of flora and fauna thriving on its waters and forests give you a chance to get close to nature and wildlife. Tourists flood Belize from all over the globe to enjoy its natural beauty and rare species. The country is the home to the “Great Blue Hole”, the longest barrier reef in the hemisphere with its hundreds of beautiful islands as well as snorkeling and exotic locations. It has historic Maya sites covered by jungles and tropical rain forest.


Other things which might interest you in Belize are the following:


Islay Marina & Island. The marine environment of Belize pulls enthusiasts from all over the earth to visit its coral gardens, scuba diving in the Blue Hole and enjoy the warm sun in the Caribbean Sea. This hemisphere is covered by mangroves and hundreds of coral sand. The beautiful island and underwater habitat make Belize a barrier reef reserve system.


Rain Forest & Inland. Belize is marked for its private waterfalls, jungle canopies, exotic birds and animals and clear rivers. It also is famous for its beautiful rainforest.


Rivers. There are many alluring rivers in Belize that offer fascinating mixtures of natural beauty, scenic jungles, peaceful life and adventurous spots.


Caves. The largest cave system in all of Central America is in Belize. You will be fascinated to see its perfect caves carved out of rock by the flowing water. Belize also has karst landforms; they were created when carbon dioxide fused with water passing slowly through the soil that got acidic.


Maya Temples & Archaeology. Belize is renowned for its rich Maya Heritage and is the heart of Maya civilization. The remains of the Mayan civilization and heritage sites are historical masterpieces which reflect the Mayan culture that existed in Belize once.


Historical & Cultural Sites. The history of Belize is marked by historical edifices at its archaeological sites, national and private museums along with its elegant colonial architecture in the older towns and cities.


Moreover, there are over ten English-speaking and diverse cultures in Belize which call you to its natural and cultural heritage and great hospitality. The multi diverse culture of Belize serves delicious local dishes, colorful arts and crafts, foot tapping music, and local music and dance. The beautiful and varied species of birds in Belize makes bird watching such a fun for all visitors. You, too, can enjoy river kayaking trips and cave tubing expeditions, including its spa and finest restaurants.


How to get to Belize


Belize is a haven for nature lovers and tourists. It is ideal place for a quiet vacation or for an adventurous one. The country is internationally connected with sound infrastructure and tourism facilities which will provide lot of choices to reach into Belize. You can reach by land, air or sea. Also, there are easy and very safe bus facilities in Belize. The frequency of its bus services is very good with high class roads that make traveling throughout Belize fun and enjoyable; paved highways with fuel stations at regular intervals having less traffic. Its tropical scenery makes traveling such a fascinating task. Belize is also well connected through airway. International and domestic flights fly in and out frequently of the country.


Affordable Living

The cost of living in Belize is very affordable. It is an ideal place to settle down after you retire from work. Such cost of living could be as less as US$ 1500 per month. Services, grocery, health care, daily needs, water and electricity are affordable. Belize has an extensive range of accommodation, too, that includes luxury resorts, family hotels, vacation rentals, condos, etc.; a perfect place mixed with solace and pleasure.


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